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This is Mobile App Templates from 01-50. Use this templates to build your mobile app. Mobile App Development with Construct 2.

Mobile App Templates :

1 C2 Templates - Animation Button
2 C2 Templates - App Launcher
3 C2 Templates - Barcode
4 C2 Templates - Battery Status
5 C2 Templates - BBCode Text
6 C2 Templates - Bounded Drag & Drop
7 C2 Templates - Date Input
8 C2 Templates - Device Info
9 C2 Templates - Dialog
10 C2 Templates - Drag Scroll
11 C2 Templates - Ease
12 C2 Templates - Exit App At Second
13 C2 Templates - File Chooser
14 C2 Templates - Flash Light
15 C2 Templates - Layouter
16 C2 Templates - List Box
17 C2 Templates - Load Image From URL
18 C2 Templates - Local Notification
19 C2 Templates - Local Storage
20 C2 Templates - Move to Top
21 C2 Templates - Moving Dialog
22 C2 Templates - Network Info
23 C2 Templates - Open Calendar
24 C2 Templates - Options Menu
25 C2 Templates - Progress
26 C2 Templates - Prompt Warp
27 C2 Templates - Quiz Generator
28 C2 Templates - RadioGroup
29 C2 Templates - Rainbow Shimmer
30 C2 Templates - Replacer
31 C2 Templates - Screen Orientation
32 C2 Templates - Scroll Bar
33 C2 Templates - Scroll Box
34 C2 Templates - Scroller
35 C2 Templates - Side Menu
36 C2 Templates - Simple Checkbox
37 C2 Templates - Simulate Key Event
38 C2 Templates - Speech Recognition
39 C2 Templates - Splash Screen
40 C2 Templates - StatusBar
41 C2 Templates - Stopwatch
42 C2 Templates - Text to Speech
43 C2 Templates - Text Typing
44 C2 Templates - Time Zone
45 C2 Templates - Toast
46 C2 Templates - Trace at Canvas
47 C2 Templates - Vibration
48 C2 Templates - Volume Slider
49 C2 Templates - Wallpaper
50 C2 Templates - Youtube


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Download demo

Construct 2 - Mobile App Demo.zip 31 MB


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Hello, does downloading images from the internet still work and does it work with links not from the official website of Construct?

These plugins work on Construct 3 as well?

These plugins can work in construct 3, if they have c3addon version.

The plugins in this package only work on construct 2.

Hi Marvin,

Hope you're ok, are you available as a freelancer?

Hi valtwd,

Yes, I'm fine. thank you. Sorry because I'm currently working on another job.

These plugins can work in construct 3, if they have c3addon version.

The plugins in this package only work on construct 2.

what is is to be done to open in  Construct 3 ?

The plugins in this package only work on construct 2.

Hello, the imagepicker plugin it's not working. I have noticed that you didn't put an example off this plugin, since I have buy and it is not on package...

Hello, yes you did not find an example of this plugin. because I accidentally included this plugin in the package. imagepicker is not included in the package.

Hello, I am having problems to build android TTS.  Got this error:

"Failed to fetch plugin https://github.com/nmckeel/org.apache.cordova.plugin.tts#8837f9a via registry.

Probably this is either a connection problem, or plugin spec is incorrect.

Check your connection and plugin name/version/URL.

CordovaError: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory"

Please, help...

Never mind. Solved searching google...

I tried to build, and found the same problem, can't add a text to speech plugin.

NPM is currently down. You can check it here https://registry.npmjs.org/org.tt.plugin.tts

I have solved already. Just copy the package from git, put on the Project directory and then added plugin using cordova shell

oh nice! Thanks for sharing

The text to speech works offline?

yes this template only works on android, online and offline. not working on browser test

Ok. I will purchase then.

Can we scan the QR code through the image in the project?

you can download the QR code demo apk here

no sales?

at the scirra store, sale ends in 1 day, Don't miss out!

does capx teach you how to create these apps? or just demonstrate the templates?

capx was created to speed up the application development process by showing the template source code. Download the demo apk to see capx working on an Android phone.


I bought the pack, did the installation procedure without construction version r279, however the error, I can't open any template in c2.

Can you help me?

(1 edit)

of course this template was created using construct 2 version 278, you can download and install construct 2 version 279 on the scirra store. before opening the capx file you first install the plugins, behaviors, and effects in the purchase package then you can open the template.